Christian Counseling Services
Assistance Fund of AZ

Affordable Christian Counseling for Arizona Families In Need

Christian Counseling Services Fund AZ (CCSFAZ) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and an extension of Christian Counseling Services of Arizona. It was established with the dedicated purpose of providing accessible mental health care to those in need in Arizona.

Embodying the core value of generosity, CCSFAZ offers mental health services to those in need, ensuring counseling from its network of over 40 therapists across 27+ locations in Arizona, either at no cost or at a discounted rate. This service reflects our commitment to community mental health and the Christian principle of giving back.

Prospective clients in Arizona seeking help can receive support through CCSFAZ, which stands as a testament to our dedication to serving and healing within a Christ-centered framework. For information on how to partner with us for this cause, or to receive assistance, contact Pia at 623-692-2393 or submit an assistance request and someone will contact you shortly.

If paying standard rates would pose a barrier to getting help, we're here for you. Complete a simple application and our team will review eligibility for financial assistance.

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How We Help

CCSAFAZ partners with a statewide network of professional Christian counselors to offer compassionate care focused on hope, healing and restoration. Our licensed therapists and pastoral counselors provide:

Make a Difference 

We rely on the generosity of private donors to be able to provide our services. Every contribution helps us reach someone struggling and give them access to transformative support. Please consider giving today!

Do you wish to make a meaningful impact through the Christian Counseling Services Fund AZ (CCSFAZ)?

Your generous donations are carefully managed to assist individuals who desperately need but cannot afford counseling. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, part of the Christian Counseling Services of Arizona, CCSFAZ ensures that your contributions directly support our mission of providing mental health care at no cost or at a discounted rate to those in need across our network of over 40 therapists in 27+ locations in Arizona.

Your gift not only embodies the spirit of generosity but is also tax-deductible, allowing you to claim it on your taxes dollar for dollar. By donating, you become a crucial part of our Christ-centered commitment to community mental health.

To contribute or learn more, please contact Pia at 623-692-2393 or visit our donate page here.

Join us in this vital mission to heal and support lives in Arizona.